Who we are

The Sino-Spanish Association for Energy and Sustainability (ASEES) is a Spanish non-profit organization for the promotion of bilateral cooperation between China and Spain in the renewable energy and environment sectors. It aims to build a bridge between the two countries to promote commercial and technological exchange.

ASEES was founded in 2009 by Cosme de Arana, Industrial Engineer specialized in renewable energies and with an extensive experience in the development of international projects including energy planning, technological transfer operations and a great variety of consulting solutions in renewable energy projects in Spain, China, India and South East Asia.

Our team works in China in contact with business, academic and institutional agents to promote the brand “Spain” and to localize business opportunities. ASEES is working as a Think tank, analyzing the evolution of the sector, looking for opportunities and writing researches.

The present moment is critical for both countries: China is facing an environmental and energetic crisis, while Spain faces a structural imbalance in its production model that can only be overcome through innovation and commitment to the sectors where it has global leadership. In this context, two-way cooperation between China and Spain has a strong potential for strategic alliances and can also to solve the needs of the ailing Spanish sustainability industry.

ASEES opens a direct channel between Spain and China that allows bringing knowledge and technology in sectors where Spain has an innovation and competitive high level. This collaboration platform offers China the tools it needs to undertake urgent reforms in its development model and achieve a more sustainable future. At the same time, the association facilitates Spanish companies the introduction and expansion in the Asian giant.